1 6 YEARS AGO AND COUNTING >> We first met at Dara Academy High School , Chiangmai ,In 2003. It was 16 years ago which still vivid in my memory.I saw Pook walking pass my English class, recognize him as a friend of friend's boyfriend. Also I felt he is a 'Special ' , and wanted to know his name. Then , I got his name by his classmate who lived with me in school dormitory. I asked her to pass my words saying he is so cute and I wanted to be his sistermate. (sistermate is our school casual tradition , those different years of students can get to know each other in Brother-Sister form) Instead, Pook in his 15 doesn't want to have me as his sistermate but he wanted me as his girlfriend! He got my (dorm) number via his classmate who live with me(she's obviously ,matchmaker). We started the high school sweetheart relationship through dorm's phone. Living in non-popular cellphone age, made it not easy. There's a rule we can talk only 10 mins / call and need to share the phone line with many others dorm students, it's impossible take a sweet time through the phone since there were couples of people waiting in line next to me. And they can clearly hear every words of conversation. After Couple of months we started to know each other. Pook made a call on middle of the night at 00.00. It's counting down time to the New year of 2004. " Will you promise to stay with me forever" I said It was too soon since we just know each other ? " you need to answer me now " "you need to promise me" he said over and over in pleading tone (and very pushy) lol and.... It's would be more romantic scene if I wouldn't had sleep next to my mom while picking up his phone call. I lowered my voice just didn't want wake her up. and then I said 'yes' with super sleepy voice since I was already in a good dream. Lol And after that our life we're never be apart. we went together everywhere. we eat everything together (that's the best part:) go shopping, study , hangout. We were growing up together, support each other , share everything we love and become a good Lover, we are best friend and being a half life of each other. It has been 16 years and still counting!! we are so happy to have all of you join our very special wedding days! Joobjang and Pook. 
Bride & Groom: Pook & Jang
Location: Dumbo, BrookLyn, New York, USA 
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